is our superpower.


It begins with a dream…

let us make it a reality. 

We’re still working on the ability for humans to ascend into the heavens whilst wearing a cape. We’ll trust you with our secret identities…

Didactic Productions (formerly Rocky Hayes Design) offers services to a diverse world-wide clientele including non-profit organizations, political campaigns, small and medium companies, as well as startup entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a company that actually enjoys explaining things and prefers establishing a long-term relationship…we’re your firm.

Brand Identity

Your logo is the nucleus of your entity. Consistency is everything and having a successful, memorable, and professional logo on all of your collaterals is imperative. Strong foundations are important in every situation including the perspective of your corporate identity. The dialogue of your logo is typically the first step in planning your communication strategy.

Business Building

Over the past two decades, it’s been fascinating how our skillset lends itself to not only communication, design, marketing and personal projects, but that we also consult on how all of it effects your life and business.

We’ve been there.

Offering insight on how what Didactic does impacts your personal and professional life is another component that sets us apart. We care about you and offer approaches on how to help manage your objectives.


Copywriting & Editing

Powerful and efficacious prose doesn’t happen by accident. 

Whether it’s bringing your concepts to life by the written word, or editing your initial perspectives, your goals will be met with articulate verbiage that nails the intent.

Graphic Design

Design is the key to didactic communication and at its core is the quickest and easiest form of communication. Whether it’s in entertainment, print or online, graphic design is everywhere. As a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, based graphic design and communications firm we have that Midwestern work ethic with both a rural and urban point of view.

Marketing Strategy

How you communicate is just as easy as when and where you do so. Didactic can collaborate to ensure you’re successful in promoting your product and/or service. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing and we can assist in communicating your endeavors. We offer plenty of experience in print, web, social media and email marketing.

"MEmento" Keepsakes

Over the years, we’ve been asked to make many personal projects for clients, family and friends. These “MEmentos often bring tears to eyes, along with many laughs and exuberant gasps. Using their photos, videos, quotes, and favorite music…honor your graduating senior, celebrate an anniversary or birthday, reward a long career, or surprise people with a unique holiday story mailing. 


One photo or a thousand words. We can help with both but a dramatic, powerful and unique image can indeed tell your story. We have the gear, the eyes, and would love to expose your greatness.

Podcast Production

We can offer you a podcast voice to share with the world…just show up, we take care of the rest.

Our studio allows up to five voices at once along with all of the engineering, producing, and promotion of each episode.

The future is here to allow your next level of communication options to expand your reach with a whole new genre and audience. 

We’ll even offer free coffee and treats!


Public Relations

Explaining what’s happening is imperative and will definitely help in getting your message to the public. Approach, however, is where many can miss the mark. Let’s get you on target.

Social Media

Advertising has changed with the advent of social media. Incredibly, many people receive their news, suggestions, and product choices through social media and their collection of online opinions. We can shape your message and tell your story via the myriad social media platforms.

Video Production

The power of video is unmistakeable. Nothing communicates the various forms of media and experience quite like visual motion. We have an incredible and talented team that can assist with dynamic video. Telling stories through dramatic video is possible with state-of-the-art camera equipment and even drone aerial footage.

Web Design, Development & IT

Websites are more important now than ever before…as is the need for people to find your site via search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword search. Yes, social media can help promote you but relying on only those companies is a mistake. You can control all of your messaging and directly target people with well designed and developed website. Also, we can assist with those troubling IT issues so that you don’t have to suffer those time-consuming headaches.

Clients with whom we’ve worked…

Generating Ideas.
Solving Problems.
All using crayons.

Senses of humor are (almost) always a joy and offer unique monotany disruptions. One thrilling aspect of our industry is to incolcate ourselves into your situation and finding solutions whilst doing our best to eliminate your headaches.


Satisfied Clients

Cat & Dog Pats

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

Growing up on a ranch in South Dakota, Rocky has a work ethic to match. With our experience of travel and projects, we have gained a much more universal perspective.

Watching the hit show Yellowstone? Yeah, much of that life is what Rocky has personally experienced.

These capabilities are then brought to our clients where they learn from us and this is gleefully reciprocated.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. ”

– Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

Let’s Start Something new
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We’d thoroughly enjoy learning about what Didactic Productions can do for you.

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